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Screaming Frog Unveils Innovative N-grams Analysis in Latest SEO Spider Update

Screaming Frog, a leader in SEO optimization software, has announced a significant update to its SEO Spider tool. The latest version, v.20, introduces a powerful new feature known as N-grams Analysis, which allows users to explore phrase frequency across their websites more efficiently.

The new functionality can analyze the frequency of phrases using n-gram analysis either page by page during a website crawl or across a selected range of pages. To access this feature, users must enable ‘Store HTML / Store Rendered HTML’ under the ‘Config > Spider > Extraction’ settings. The results of the N-grams analysis can then be viewed in the newly added N-grams tab.

One of the most notable uses of the N-grams feature is its ability to provide an alternative to Custom Search for identifying unlinked keywords that can be used for internal linking purposes. By focusing on specific sections of a website and filtering for keywords in ‘Body Text (Unlinked)’, users can uncover new link-building opportunities.

“The development of the N-grams feature turned out to be a pleasant surprise in terms of its potential,” said a spokesperson from Screaming Frog. “Having your own internal database of keywords to query is incredibly powerful. We are excited to see how our users will leverage this in practice and envision potential extensions to this feature.”

For more detailed information on the new capabilities and to explore the potential of N-grams analysis, users are encouraged to visit the official release notes and the N-grams Tab at the provided links.

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