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Testing Begins for Like and Bookmark Plugin for WordPress Posts

The Mudos Digital team announces the commencement of testing for the like and bookmark feature usable in WordPress Posts.

The WordPress like and bookmark plugin is being tested within our projects.

The like and bookmark plugin for WordPress is currently under testing within our existing projects.

The plugin we are developing anticipates a development that is compatible with WordPress’s default membership model. Accordingly, through this plugin, websites utilizing the WordPress content management system will be able to further customize their posts. Additionally, users’ likes and bookmarks will be securely stored in their databases, ensuring that these preferences are not lost after being stored in visitors’ cookies.

To prevent spam likes and bookmarks, these features will only be accessible by users who are members of the relevant WordPress websites. We recommend that websites use the Nextend Social Login and Register plugin to facilitate easy membership for users, especially through social platform logins.

Users will be able to view their liked and bookmarked posts in the admin bar upon membership and login to WordPress websites. They will also have the option to retract their likes and bookmarks, enabling healthy database write and delete operations.

Consequently, owners of WordPress websites will enjoy increased user interaction. Additionally, a counter will be introduced for users, enabling those who have previously read the articles to better understand the usefulness of the content based on the number of likes and bookmarks. In other words, users will be able to leave a trace behind on the content they read.

Like Feature

  • User Interaction: The like feature allows users to interact with content, indicating their approval, often represented by a heart or thumbs-up icon.
  • Popularity Indicator: The number of likes serves as an indicator of a post’s popularity and relevance. A high number of likes signifies broader appreciation of the content.
  • Algorithm Ranking: On some platforms, content with high likes is promoted by the algorithm, reaching a wider audience.
  • Feedback Mechanism: For authors and content creators, likes provide direct and immediate feedback on how the content is received.

Bookmark Feature

  • Personal Library: Users can save interesting content to their personal library for easy access later, especially useful for lengthy or detailed content.
  • Encouraging Return Visits: When users bookmark content, they are more likely to return to the site, enhancing long-term user engagement and site traffic.
  • Organization: Users can categorize their saved content, making it easier to find what they are looking for.
  • Monitoring User Behavior: For site owners and content creators, tracking which content is bookmarked helps understand what types of content engage users the most.

Both features enhance user interaction with content, benefiting content creators and site owners. Likes indicate content popularity and acceptance, while bookmarks show users find the content valuable and wish to access it again. Both features enrich the user experience and increase site loyalty.

Mudos Digital will also offer ranking capabilities for the most liked and bookmarked posts through special blocks developed within Gutenberg. This allows WordPress site owners to showcase the most popular and saved posts, potentially introducing algorithm use within WordPress sites.

Additionally, WordPress website owners will be able to see and sort likes and bookmarks numerically in two separate columns in Posts on the WordPress dashboard. Thus, the best performing posts can be evaluated as a whole.

We have initiated the testing of the first version of our developed plugin on the veblogs.com website. Following performance improvements, we aim to technically optimize the plugin for use across all websites in the near future.

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